As genealogical records becomes more organised and accessible, so an increasing number of people find that they are able to trace their ancestors back, not just a few generations but hundreds of years . Early Modern Genealogy and Medieval Genealogy are companion volumes which provide a clear and comprehensive account to the records available between 1066 and 1838. They describe the techniques needed to find and understand individual documents. With numerous illustrations and practical examples, these books are an informative and helpful addition to the genealogists' library.



Early Modern Genealogy and Medieval Genealogy



'A splendid idea, splendidly executed, it provides genealogists with solid advice for pursuing their ancestors beyond 1837, past the 1600s and into the medieval period. The book is aimed at beginners and more experienced, and offers much to reward both groups... It's hard to see how a book on this subject could be more informative.' Your Family Tree

'The author has worked hard so the reader can work less hard, and I learned a lot from this book.' Ancestors