Jumbo: The Greatest Elephant in the World

- Paul Chambers -


Born in Africa in 1863, Jumbo was orphaned by ivory-hunters, "rescued" and taken to France. Mistaken for a runt, he was sold to London Zoo, where he became the favourite of the British populace, from Queen Victoria to the young Winston Churchill - until, talent-spotted by the American circus-owner P. T. Barnum, and despite public outcry and Royal protestations, he was taken across the Atlantic to New York. There he conquered public hearts and became a superstar until he met with a tragic end involving a railway line and a fast - for 1885 - train....


‘Chambers delivers a thrilling meticulously researched biography... a delight for elephant fans, circus-goers, and zoo-goers of all ages; highly recommended.’ Library Journal (starred review)


‘Clear-eyed, carefully researched, and crisply written.’ Barnes and Noble Review Magazine


‘Touching and memorable… this gentle, well-wrought book takes readers to thrilling places.’ The Washington Times