From the creators of Walking with Dinosaurs comes this stunning visual encyclopedia of prehistoric animals. The Complete Guide to Prehistoric Life is a 'who's who' of the prehistoric world - from primitive amphibians and giant armoured fish, to predatory dinosaurs and sabre-toothed cats.



'This is it: the book on dinosaurs everyone has been waiting for... this is an amazing book, filled with magic.' Lincoln Cho, January Magazine


'For the student completing research on dinosaurs, this is a must have.' Philip Mills, Resource Links

'Amazing facts and stunning illustrations... as up-to-date as the field of paleontology allows... the depth of research is impressive.' Gillian Richardson, CM Magazine


'Bone-crushing birds, pig-like reptiles, whales that walked on land and crocodiles that swam in the sea... fascinating book.' Washington Post


The Complete Guide to Prehistoric Life

- Tim Haines and Paul Chambers -