'It's readable, compelling and endlessly provocative, and a final bravo to John Murray for issuing such an excellent and well illustrated book.'

Sunday Glasgow Herald


'In his thrillingly readable Bones of Contention, Paul Chambers… tells this enthralling bit of scientific history with exemplary pace and clarity.'

The Daily Telegraph


'Paul Chambers explains these complex issues very clearly, and has woven the threads together with great skill.'

The Spectator



So-called “missing links” between animal groups were deemed to be of great significance because they supported Darwin’s theory of evolution. The Archaeopteryx fossils seemed to provide a link between dinosaurs and birds but the evidence was far from straightforward. In this superb book Chambers tells the entertaining and controversial history of the Archaeopteryx fossils whose discovery in the 1860s sparked a scientific outrage that has continued through to the present day.


Bones of Contention

- Paul Chambers -