In 1987 a terrible fire swept though London's King's Cross Underground station killing 31 people. Within days the police had found names for all but one of the victims. The unidentified man was known to the authorities as 'Body 115' after his mortuary number. Body 115 was so severely burnt that it took sixteen years to solve the mystery of his identity.




Body 115

- Paul Chambers -

Body 115 offers an insight into a field of police work that the public rarely gets to see. It details the problems faced by the authorities in the aftermath of a major disaster and shows how detective work, scientific deduction and dogged determination and can overcome an apparently insurmountable problem.


'An extraordinary and poignant story which is described in fascinating detail by Paul Chambers' Daily Mail

'Paul Chambers incredibly detailed and wellresearched account of Body 115 is remarkable...it is a detective story for our times' In Magazine


We're used to seeing fictional portrayals of detective work and this book shows how the real-life process is no less fascinating but much less clear cut’ Sunday Post